Friday, July 26, 2013


Treat people well doesn't mean people will treat you well
Work hard doesn't mean you will get your ideal conclusion
You remember people doesn't mean people will remember you.

Life is always like that. That's what I needa know.

We learn it, and we grow.

Happy 24 to me

First time having my birthday in NTU..
I never have an experience celebrating my birthday in NTU throughout these years.
So for today too..
For me birthday is always just another day.
Come to think about it, I seldom had my birthday celebrated also, except for the 21st and during my A-level time.

Happy birthday to myself

Thanks everyone who remember and wishes me on my birthday. =D
Those who forgot..... no big deal =)

Also special thanks to my junior Chun Hee who bought me a cupcake =)

Friday, July 12, 2013


Oppps!! Since like blog is neglected quite some time. Seems friends around me also stop blogging

Anyway post this song cause im liking it.

Don't understand the lyrics but the melody enough to express my feelings right now

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A little story of my life

Sometimes when I go to bed, I think back some videos I have watched before. I realize some people are so successful in their life. The ‘successful’ for me those not mean being a multi billionaire like Bill Gates, but are the people who actually find their meaning of life, doing what they like and doing great. I mean looking to those celebrity singers and actors which are really talented, or maybe professional sport players, I am not saying being like them will have a good easy life. If you really try to understand them, they actually have been through all those hardships, going through numerous trainings to make themselves better. Their schedule might even busier than students like us, I mean seriously, even though we always complain how busy our life is, at least to some point where they don’t even have time like us to spend 2-3 hours scrolling our own facebook page, posting status and reading NTU confession page. Nonetheless, at least they are doing things which they interested in, and things they are excited about.

For a typical young people like me, I am already a final year student here and in my final semester now. I would say I brutally force myself go through all these study life. Yes I use the word brutal. Personally, I am not a study type person and I personally really really hates studying. But think about it I don’t have any choice. Some people say you make your own choice, but do you really think so? Come on man!! In most Asian family, particularly those live in Malaysia or Singapore, you understand as well. If back then, you are to tell your parents, hey! Study isn’t my type. I am going to train myself to be a singer, or an actor, or even a professional basketball player, 90% of the parents would go like “You siao ar? Anneh next time lu boh lui jiak peng ka zai.”(English: Are you crazy? Next time you don’t have the money to live then you’ll know). So unless you come from rich family who has enough money to feed your whole life, then you might have a chance to do whatever you love in your life. If not, at the end of the day you will join the people like me, who will end up going into the so call safe life path, study safe, get through the exams safely, get a safe job, earn safe salary, and live safely.
I actually don’t understand the meaning of my life now. I basically living in my life doing things I don’t like, struggling to study and my FYP especially, which give me much of headache. I’m not saying that I am not doing great in NTU, I’m not afraid to say that my current cgpa is at first class. But so what? Honestly I don’t even feel any proud with it. Sorry if my words hurt those who doesn’t score well, but I am just sincerely express my own feeling that this results doesn’t mean much to me. I’ll explain why. Firstly, I don’t even enjoy studying and learning what I am learning. Secondly, I study and I forget. I mean seriously, those result doesn’t even show my intelligence. If you let me redo those exam papers that I have score A before, I think now I can only score a C, at most!! really!! All my effort to force myself to study is merely for me to sit the 2 hours writing exam at the end of the semester, and that’s it, I split everything out and I forget everything.
As I am in my final semester now, I started to apply for job. This is to ensure I still follow the trend of this kiasu place, where people start looking for jobs before they even graduate. Fortunately and unfortunately, I do get some calls for interview in this busy period. Some of them do require technical test. I seem to get myself nervous at some time. Basically I am not good verbally. I don’t have the talent like some people who can market themselves like a god. Okay, maybe some employer looks people who are knowledgeable, but am I? Seriously if they test me on technical knowledge I think I will go blank. It is pretty embarrassing right? to tell people you are a first class student in your resume and couldn’t answer a simple technical question. If would be better if I’m just a third class student so that they will understand why I couldn’t answer those questions. But the world is realistic, if you are telling people you are below average graduate and competing with so many people who are much brilliant, do you think employer would consider your resume at the first place?
I feel like my life is like walking a path without a direction. Yet I am still continue walking, simply I just don’t have the choice anymore after walking this far. I can’t blame my family for this, for sure they also hoping that I could live well now and future. I am still doubting my life every single day, whether am I born to be like this? Or do I have a choice actually? Or maybe is I lack of endurance and don’t take initiative to change my life back then?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Another alone vday

Sometime i just wish i have someone to talk with, but i dont know who to find

and the one i wish to talk with, doesnt seems to.....

thats why i am still alone huh

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Graduation trip 2013

Finally, I have confirmed our graduation trip to japan with my college friends, which was initially like this, but end up with some add ons cakpelang friends joining together. So now it total 7 of us. Doesnt expect to have such large group as we were worried our trip will be too little people, part of the reason is because i did later on considered not to join them, and that was also part the reason which also cause me considered not to join. Complicated huh??
Anyway. Our flight have been confirmed. Havent told my parents yet. Maybe tell my mum tomorrow or later on. I don't know my parents will be happy about it. The last time I told my mum, she like just said "You want go... then go la.. Dont know about you...", and never said anything. This of course is very different case compare to my sis last time, when she wanted to go australia with her friends but end up totally disagreed by my parents. Well my mum never object me cause she knows i could bare all the cost by myself. If i were in my sis shoes, LOL!! Habei liao lo..

"You spend so much money in uni for daily allowance, buy this and that, every sem tuition fee also need pay for u partially, now graduated d job also hvnt get to earn money still ask money for holiday!!!??"

Luckily, i normally dont spend so much money and my school fee is loan debt by my own. Nonetheless, I dont expect to get any money from them, nor wanted to ask from them too. Guess all my savings since young going to burned 5-6k for a japan trip, sooner also going to 1 shot burned everything to pay part of my study loan, worst thing is it isnt enough to pay even half of it -.- How envy those who have no worries for this matter, those scholar and those people whose family is already financially well planned for the children education. Well i not going to whine how bad this is, there are people who are in the same shoes with me will pretty much understand, those who don't wouldn't. There might also some person out there who is more much in a difficult shape than I, so whine what??
I know, I am not a well future planner person, im just a lazy guy who only knows to roll on the bed alot =P Moreover I am still a guy, i should be much responsible on my own life and future. Whether my parents will help on my debts it doesnt matter, im prepared to bare all by myself. From how things are going i dont think they will too, unless one day they strike million dollar lottery! Ahh, all the troubles, no one understands except me.

So ya, graduation trip, one of my seniors say is a must go. Perhaps is only applies to those who really love travels? Can see some of them very excited cause our trip to Japan seems to be successful for now. Hopefully my confirmation to go did relieved most of the trouble for the trip? Oh well... For me, honestly and unfortunately, i am not that hyper nor super duper excited about it currently. Not saying that i am unhappy, IT'S AN BLOODY EXPENSIVE HOLIDAY OKAY!! Of course i want it to be worth paying (hopefully). I'll make sure it will be enjoyable and unforgettable one. Hopefully things will go well =)

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pre 2013 post

Hey yo blog!! Im still alive and i am back.. The world doesnt end on 21 Dec 2012 and now i gotta continue living.

Recently just know a few of my friends fall out of relationship and are emo about it. Some of them happen suddenly and are just too surprising to me, I feel sad for them though.

As for me, ha!! I never got a chance to involve in a relationship before. I wonder whether is a bad thing or a good thing for me. New year is coming again and my age is going to be increment by 1. Getting older huh?? Still, hopefully i am able to find my special someone...... someday